Come and elect the best candidates for 13/14 LUMS committee!

Dear Members,
The manifestos of the contestants running for the upcoming LUMS Election are now uploaded to the offcial AGM event page.
The candidates can now start running their campaigns. Please check it out as you will need as much information as possible to cast your vote this Sunday.
The full list of candidates:
President: Ahmad Shafiruddin Ahmad Nawawi; Ajwad Sulaiman
Vice President: Aisyah Johari
Scretary: Nursyafizan Amalina
Treasurer: Ajwad Sulaiman; Amira Syafiqah
Sports Officer (Female): Haifaa Liyana Salim
Religious Officer: Raif Rafideen; Ahmad Shafiruddin Ahmad Nawawi
Religious Officer (Female): Aisyah Hani
Academic Officer (Medic Phase 2): Ahmad Lufti Ahmad Bazli; Lyana Nadrah Abd Rashid
Academic Officer (Medic Phase 1): Nur ammar Nina Zulkifli
Academic Officer (others): Nurainaazmira Azemi, Raif Rafideen
Public Relations Officer (2) : Nurainaazmira Azemi; Nur Ammar Nina Zulkifli; Aisyah Hani
Last but not least, do remember to attend the AGM this Saturday!
P/s: Don’t forget to check their manifestos on our event page 🙂 and some colourful posters on LUMS Facebook page!

The Sun is out! It’s a call for our yearly mini marathon.

Leicester University Malaysian Society (LUMS) cordially invites you to the 2013 LEICESTER MALAYSIAN RUN (LMR) – a healthy way to spend your spring break!

The event was first held by LUMS in spring 2012 and with the encouraging support, we have decided to have it again this year. 
Details of Leicester Malaysian Run 2013 are as follows:
There are 2 categories offered in the 2013 LMR which are:
  1. Men’s Category – 5.5 km Run
  2. Women’s Category – 4 km Run
The route for the run will be around the University of Leicester area and the nearby Leicester landmarks.
Awesome prizes are up for grabs for the winner, first runner-up and second runner-up of both categories. 
Medals and certificates are also provided for the first five runners in each category.
Free drinks will be provided for runners.
Registration fee is only £3.  
Please register and make the payment before 18 April 2013  by clicking on this link :
We hope that you can inform and promote this event to your local Malaysian community.
 Any question regarding LMR 2013 can be asked in the Facebook event page or through this email.
We look forward to welcoming your local runners and spectators to Leicester as we want to make the 2013 Leicester Malaysian Run a great one.
Thank you.


Farewell Dinner 2013


Dear members,


As the Easter creeps by, the time to say goodbye to our beloved seniors has come. The seniors had contributed their part to the society so that we can call LUMSour home in Leicester. To honour their contributions and to show our respect, LUMS proudly presents:








For further information, go to 






Don’t forget to check out the pictures after the event on our Facebook page! 🙂

Come and embrace our very own culture!







Nusantara Booth is back! 

We will be opening the booth with the Brunei Society on Wednesday next week near the entrance of Queens Hall. Come and join us to:
-Distribute FREE Malaysian food and have a taste of them yourself
-Take a picture of you and your friend wearing our very own traditional Malaysian costumes. 
-Explain our traditional games like sepak takraw, congkak and batu seremban to the locals and maybe perform some demonstration on how to play them 🙂 
-Help to distribute some promotional materials from Tourism Malaysia which includes free travel guide booklets, pamphlets, maps, notepads, pens and postcards. 
p/s: You can grab some of those yourself if you are lucky enough! 😉

All in all, please come and join us to promote Malaysia’s diversity and multiculturalism to the local students!

For more information go to: 


Nottingham Berselawat

Are you a big fan of Ustaz Don?

I would like to extend a warm invitation to come and join ‘Nottingham Berselawat’. This event will feature a famous religous speaker Ustaz Don Daniyal coming from Malaysia and also a nasyid group ODC. The details are as below:

 Venue: A150 Coates Building, University Park, University of Nottingham
Date: 16 February 2013
Time: 0900 – 1700
Entry fee: 5 pounds
To register, go to the link below:

LUMS Chinese New Year Celebration 2013



Dear members,
Feeling alone for the upcoming festival? Does it make you miss home even more?
No more worries, LUMS is here to rescue.
LUMS proudly present:
Yes, the event is free as always, because LUMS is that awesome.
So wait no more. Click attending so that we can estimate the number of attendees and prepare all the food and activities


LUMS Varsity Jacket.

 Dear members,
The LUMS varsity jacket is now on sale!
Unsure of which size you should take? Go to
To place your order, simply proceed to 
Payment should be made to :
Sort code: 40-28-06
Account no: 04273664
The deadline for the sales is on 13th Febuary (Wednesday). So get going and order one now!

Game Night 2012

Hi all!

The semester is drawing to an end, and cold winter is crawling in.
But fear not! LUMS will make sure the holiday starts with a BAM!

Come join us this Friday night, to hangout and play for once before digging yourself into the pit less depth of revision (or slacking off, depending on what you prefer).

We have free food, free drinks and free games. Yes, everything is free, as LUMS is awesome and want to treat the devoted members for one good night.

So lock the door, lower your blind, put on the your heels, because LUMS have what you need.

We present to you, the GAMENIGHT 2012.


Send us your design!

We had LUMS hoodie two years back, LUMS t-shirt last year, and this year we proudly bring to you our own LUMS varsity jacket!

Send us your design now, and stand a chance of winning a great prize!


An opportunity not to be missed for medical students!

Are you a medical student in a UK/Ireland university?

Finding it challenging to keep up with medicine?

Studying your head off for the exams yet finding it difficult to be on top of your game?

The lone Malaysian medical student in your university and struggling to adapt?

Been there, done that!

Fear not.. For help is near!

We present to you, Malaysian Medical Students Training Initiative!

In general, being an international medical student in a different culture and setting away from home is challenging. Moreover, medical students have to adapt to the university learning style, and learn to be responsible of their own learning, especially in clinical years. Recently, there is a growing number of medical students facing serious academic problems, resulting in them having to repeat a year of study or being asked to withdraw from the program. This is unfortunate, as these students are the cream of the crop and most strive their best in medical school.
At the same time, there are also a growing population of Malaysian medical doctors working in the United Kingdom who are excellent clinicians and enthusiastic teachers.
As a student body committed to the holistic development of students, IKRAM UKE is taking this initiative to help support medical students being excellent students, competent doctors who contribute to the society.
We invite enthusiastic medical students to sign up with us here

and please join our facebook group, where we can share learning materials, discuss medicine-related issues, ask questions and get latest updates on our events!

We look forward to working with all of you!

“Towards developing excellent, competent, caring doctors for mankind”

Yours sincerely,

Aliyyah Mohammad Khuzaini
University of Bristol MBChB Class of 2012